Lauren Monroe Novelist
  The Maryland Shores women's fiction series 
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Here's what readers have to say:

"Beachgoers must pick up this page-turner by Lauren Monroe, who adds into her story lines true-life elements and mistakes ordinary people make every day." — Ocean City Today

"Ms. Monroe brings tight tension and conflict to her story as two people wrestle with gives the reader a multitude of reasons to keep turning the page." — Amazon on Second Chances

"Couldn't wait for Lauren Monroe's second novel, and I was NOT disappointed! I laughed, I cried. I was thrilled with the surprises." — Amazon review on Book Two

Book One was well written and relevant. The characters, much like us, are broken people looking for true love that lasts a lifetime. I couldn't stop reading. I found ways to read/think about STEVE while I was brushing my teeth, getting dressed or talking with friends. I know my children will enjoy STEVE and my girlfriends who need to jump-start their hearts again. Can't wait for the next book!” — purchased Letting Go and more as gifts

“Many references made to the Chesapeake Bay, Baltimore Ravens, and the Pittsburgh rivalry made me chuckle as planning a dinner around football is exactly how it’s done at our house.” — Goodreads on Letting Go

“I started this on the plane from Rome to Washington, thinking I'd switch off reading magazines. Well, I never got to those!  I wanted to stay immersed in Maren, Steve and the Chesapeake Bay and was sorry to see Book One end. It was full of real emotion and experiences that women especially will recognize. I loved the Pittsburgh and Disney references as well as the medical drama throughout. Looking forward to Book Two!” — from Amazon

"Letting Go has real characters. Anyone will find something to identify with and find believable. I couldn't wait to get home to continue it. The book contains humor, characters brought alive, a plot theme that I personally lived through, and the tension of that time captured well. This novel depicts a strong attraction and romance...just wish the second book was out to read right away! I bought on Kindle and gifted the paperback to my sister to read and for a bridal shower. Something for everyone!" — Amazon reader

"Smart Romance: Intelligent professional characters struggling with sex, betrayal, loss, illness and family issues. Set in the lovely Maryland shores, the author explores what happens to several characters after tragedy. Lauren Monroe takes you into the lives of physicians and other professions in a small hospital. The social and medical drama does not disappoint." — Amazon Kindle reader of Second Chances

"The well-drawn characters in this grown-up love affair seemed likable. Both leads had strong families that supported them, and the exchanges were all an essential part of the character development. If you're not careful, you'll end up being jealous of the heroine in the end!" — Google Books review

"I loved reading this at times steamy novel. I like Lauren Monroe's writing style. I could relate to the characters and began to think of them as real people." — Goodreads review

"A good old-fashioned romance with a touch of steaminess. You could sense the chemistry between Maren and Steve. Pittsburgh references spot-on. Hoping that there's a sequel." — Amazon purchaser

"If you liked the first book in the series, you are going to love Second Chances. It's a quick read also, but characters come to life, are more vibrant in a new storyline that's even more of a page turner." — Kindle reader

"I found Second Chances to compelling and interesting because there were so many surprising twists and turns from what was introduced in Book One. As the story progresses, the reader learns how forgiveness can heal trust issues as two people work through some impulsive decisions that can forever destroy love in relationships. Looking forward to Book Three!." — Kindle reader of Second Chances

"Even the dogs get second chances...Paul finds comfort by adopting two rambunctious puppies at the local animal shelter. He can't bear to think of what would happen to the dogs if he doesn't rescue them, but will he be able to handle both with his busy medical career? Bruno, a water-loving Bernese Mountain/Lab mix, and Franco, a golden lab named appropriately for Paul's football loyalties, win everyone's hearts—well, most everyone's. They quickly learn that frolicking on Maryland's Eastern Shore feels like home." — purchased Second Chances