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  The Maryland Shores women's fiction series 
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Second Chances: Book Two of The Maryland Shores
Readers said they wanted Book Two, and now the story continues...

Paul Romano once spent most waking hours fantasizing about Liz. More than 15 years later, he needs her again, only as a lifeline back from his broken world.

Liz Kramer would forever remember Paul as the Italian Stallion, off limits as her brother Steve's best med school buddy. He was—and maybe still is—four things: fussy about food, smug about his nationality, razor sharp with wit, and wild about women...well, he might have gotten tamed along the way. Oh, and a troubling fifth thing: He's a diehard Steelers football fan, and well...Liz could bleed purple, cheering her Baltimore Ravens. How's that for clashing loyalties?

When Liz's idyllic Chesapeake life takes a plunge, she needs Paul's friendship more than any fantasy. Liz must manage two children and one conniving, estranged husband. It’s hard to keep a smile on her face when two exacting bosses, one who eyes Paul, present daily challenges.

What’s more, Paul's Pittsburgh mother shares her name with a brewing hurricane. Fitting, as both head straight at Liz while someone heaps more hurt onto Steve, jeopardizing his future with Maren. Will Liz ever relax again when she knows she's being fleeced, but can't prove it? And why would Paul want her tales of woe with his newly found pleasure literally chasing tail? Make that plural! See who gets another shot at happiness—and possibly love—with this intertwining story of Second Chances: The Maryland Shores novel series.

Fun Facts:
Timeframe/Setting:  Story picks up in February 2003 and spans more than one year. It takes place on both the Western Shore, south of Annapolis, as well as Maryland's Eastern Shore. Paul visits his hometown of Pittsburgh and gets in touch with his heritage elsewhere, too.

A Steelers fan and Ravens fan...really?  You betcha!  Diehard Baltimore fans and ones waving Terrible Towels will enjoy the banter these characters share. Check, Pinterest page novelistlaurenm, and follow @LaurnMonroe on Twitter, especially in season!

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